A bald eagle I saw in southwest New York state during January of 2002

A marmot I drove by going up Mt. Evans Colorado

Some scraggly looking Mountain Goats on North Maroon

Cute little fellow from Bear Peak in Boulder

A flock of Ravens from Grey Peak in Colorado

A Snowy Egret at my buddy's house in Florida

 Buffalo in Yellowstone

A Mule Deer from Mt. Yale

A huge elk in Yellowstone

The cutest little Gray Jay from Mt. Elbert

Bighorn Sheep near the western entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park

A Stellar's Jay seen while snowshoeing

A pelican at a Florida bird rescue

A cool looking hawk from the same rescue as above

Stingrays from a Florida sea rehabilitation clinic

Antelope in Wyoming

Baby racoons on our porch

More baby racoons

A Coopers Hawk 

An Australian Black Swan that was almost killed by a White Swan after it made the mistake of biting it

The aforementioned  evil swan 'Ed'.  This thing kept grabbing the black swan by the neck and tried to drown it.  He was fought off with a broom by the owner of the winery he lived at.  

A raven we saw at Crater Lake

A seagull

A Barn Owl

A Turkey Vulture

A Sea Lion


A Mountain Goat In The Chicago Basin

A Moose In RMNP