Culp - Bossier

On Sunday, June 29th, 2008 Tim and I climbed the Culp Bossier.  I'll say right out that I lead only about half a pitch.  The climbing was mostly face and it was runout, steep, and sustained.  Seeing as how Tim leads in the 10's and I'm breaking into the 8s I thought this was just fine.  The route took about 6 pitches with a 70 meter rope and included tons of good quality face climbing with two distinct cruxes.  The first crux consisted of traversing highly exposed 5.8 slab over to a small roof.  The second crux was a 5.8+ offwidth crack right near the end of the route.  The rest of the route was primarily steep face climbing and traversing on edges.  

Mountainproject has a good write up on the route.  I can't say enough about it.  It is hands down the best route of its type/grade I have ever done.  I would caution people leading in the 8s to bring along a better climber.   This thing is runout, steep, and exposed but don't let that keep you from doing it.  Also bear in mind that I have a fear of heights and exposure tends to gnaw at my nerves.  Expect to spend 4-6 hours on the route and  an hour or so for the decent.  The approach to the route is casual and follows one of the prettiest trails in RMNP.

Big Hare

The Culp Bossier Goes Up The Middle of The Big Buttress

A Marmot Waiting For Us To Leave

Base Of The Route

Somewhere On The Route

Leaving The Huge Ledge Halfway Up

The Descent Gully

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