Old Friends

As I grow older I find the hardest thing to do in life is to say goodbye to the people that you care about.  I have tried to stay in touch with all my old friends and try to talk to them when I can.  I put this page up to remember the guys tha made my life a lot more full and fun.


This happy looking fellow is Jim.  We went to junior high school and college together and spent to many nights on motorcycles (he rides a Ninja 900) and at bars.   Jim is an actuary with an MS and is one of those people born to be rich and powerful.  I am actually counting on moving in with him when he buys his first castle or mansion, it will save me a ton on mortgage payments. Right now he lives in Florida in a beautiful house with a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, this makes for a great instant and cheap vacation.  

This is a picture of us snow-shoeing at Bear Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park) during the end of 2003, Jim had just flown from Florida and got to experience -26 degrees temperatures.  It was funny but I couldn't talk him into winter hiking a 14'er after this trip.

This is Jim trying to use the Jedi mind trick to get me to go back to the car.


The guy next to me is Jeff, I have known him since I was 6.  We went to elementary school together and spent many summers on Cape Hatteras in North Carolina.  Right now he is  personal injury lawyer wearing a great pair of Nikes.  Jeff and I go way, way back which is why he caught the bouquet at my wedding.    Jeff just recently got engaged to his long time girlfriend Erica and they will be married in November, 2006

Update - Jeff and ERica are appily married and living in their new home in Elkins Park, PA.

Myself (and my freakishly long arms), Jim, Jeff, Jen, and her maid of honor Vinetta at my wedding.