Who Am I?

Hello, My name is Jared Workman and my wife (Jen) and I, along with our three cats and our four macaws, live in Grand Junction, Colorado.  I was born, on August 17th, 1976  in Albuquerque, New Mexico but lived in the Philadelphia area of  Pennsylvania from 6 years old until I was 26. I spent seven years in Boulder during the course of my graduate work then briefly lived in Ogden, New York while working at the University of Rochester. 

I hold a BA in Psychology, a BS in Physics, a Masters in Astrophysics, and received my my PhD in Theoretical Astophysics on April 5th, 2010 from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I spent one year as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Rochester where I worked on MHD and Particle in Cell (PIC) simulations of shocks in the solar atmosphere.  As of August, 2011 I moved to Grand Junction Colorado to take a position as an assistant professor of Phyics at Colorado Mesa University.  My research focus is primarily in computational astrophysics using MHD and PIC codes.

I created this site to act primarily as a personal journal and to keep old friends and family abreast of my doings.  Please feel free to use any of the information contained herein however I ask permission be requested before any of my photographs are used.  

My life is pretty much focused around my wife, my pets, my love of wild animals and nature, learning, astronomy, mountain, rock, snow, and ice climbing.  

I have a variety of hobbies and interests including but not limited to: Mountain Climbing, Ice Climbing, Rock Climbing, Snow Climbing, Nature Education, Hiking, Backpacking, Photography, Motorcycles, Movies, Reading, Playing the Violin, Learning Spanish, Cats, Macaws, and Skiing. As of May 2008 Jen and I also became PADI dive certified .

I'd say my goals are to become a WI4 ice leader, a 5.9 trad leader, climb as many mountains, both locally and internationally (hopefully at least one technical peak/continent) as possible, get my PhD, learn to play the violin at the amateur professional level, learn to speak Spanish fluently,  keep my wife happy, and generally enjoy life.  I also hope to one day have a nice home on the water somewhere, maybe in the Seattle area (being near the ocean again would be nice and Washington has good mountains) but a nice stream somewhere in the Colorado mountains would work as well.  I'd also like a Gold Wing one day.   I'll never be one of the geniuses in my field or a super tough climber and I'll never be an 80 hour work week PhD selling his soul for the dollar in industry but I believe a happy medium exists in between these extremes.  In the end I think the most important thing a person can do is to never stop learning new things.  There is so much to the world around us and its amazing when you find out something new about it or learn a new skill.