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Hiking, climbing, backpacking, and nature in general is my life, I would have to say I married Jen because she was a hiker. I climbed Mt. Washington and Mt. Katahdin three times each before leaving the East Coast. I also hiked throughout the New England states and large portions of Pennsylvania long before turning to climbing.  

I am now well on my way to having hiked or climbed around 100 peaks in Colorado and have climbed my first peak outside of the United States - Pisco Oeste, 18,886 feet, Cordillera Blanca, Peru.  Recently my primary interest has shifted to technical snow and rock climbs and I began moving into ice and mixed climbing routes during the winter of 2007.   I still enjoy hiking though and get out on a lot of sub 4th class routes quite often.

My goal used to be to hike each of the 54 14ers in Colorado but exploring them has made me want to keep climbing any and all peaks I can find.  I have found that list ticking is not, for me, a satisfactory way to determine what I will or won't climb. Since this site originated as one dedicated to climbing the Colorado 14ers I will leave the trip reports dedicated to those peaks on their own page.  Everything else will go on my 'Other Mountains' page. My 'Other Mountains' page is expanding and will ultimately outstrip my 14ers page.  I recently finished the list of 59 14ers with San Luis Peak on July 12th, 2008.  My wife and my friend Brian Morsony accompanied me.  It was an interesting journey.

I have also begun (as of 2006) to include the hikes/climbs I do in chronological order at the bottom of this page along with a what's new section which documents my most recent trip.  These reports can also be found in my "Other Mountains' and '14ers' pages.

One thing I have found to be very true about mountaineering is that it becomes an evolutionary experience for climbers who continue to push what they will climb. Many of my old reports contain opinions which I either no longer hold or have changed substantially as time passed.  Like everything else in life I have found that the more I climb the more I realize I have to learn. If you find something you don't agree with, like, etc. please skip emailing me about it. This site is primarily a personal journal which I use to recall my past adventures, friends, and experiences.  As such I leave everything as it was originally written to remind me of the person I was and how I have changed.   Some of the things I have written in these reports amuse me, some I am embarrassed by but they all reflect who I was at the time of their writing.  If you don't like something you come across then don't read it. If I have made any factual errors please let me know or if you want further information on a peak I have hiked or climbed or are just looking to get out into the mountains feel free to contact me.

UPDATE 2009 - I have recently been focusing on backcountry skiing, kayaking, and  mountain biking so will be updating this page less frequently.  I may create a skiing/biking page at some point. 

UPDATE 2010 - I have moved to Spencerport, New York for a two to three year post-doctorate so this page will not be updated much until I get back to the west.

UPDATE 2011 - I have returned to Colorado and taken a position as an assistant professor at Colorado Mesa University.  I plan on doing a lot of climbing, kayaking, and slot canyoneering. 

UPDATE 2013 - I have taken up canyoneering and kayaking in ernest.  I just got back into mountains and climbed and hiked 15 this year including finally getting up the Grand Teton.

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What's New

Belford, Oxford, and Missouri

Mt. Elbert

El Diente

Table Mountain

Handies Peak


Older Trips
(trips prior to 2006 can be found on my '14ers' and 'Other Mountains' Pages)

Trips -2018

Redcliff Peak

The Pfeifferhorn

Mount Timpanogos

Sugar Loaf Peak

Huron Peak

Mt. Columbia

Mt. Princeton

Mt. Tabeguache

Mt. Lincoln

Mt. Democrat

Mt. Bross

Mt. Cameron

Hope Peak

Mt. Massive

Trips -2017

Stewart Peak and Baldy Alto




Trips -2016

  Mt. of the Holy Cross and Notch Peak
Cameron Peak

Fairchild Mountain

Audobon and Pauite

Half Peak

Trips -2015

Watanga Mountain

Big Agnes

Little Agnes

Mt. Zirkel

South Rawah Peak

Lands End Peak

Trips -2014

Mt. St John

Mt. Sneffels

Treasure Mountain

Snowmass Mountain

Wetterhorn Peak

Trips -2013
East Beckwith Peak

Middle Teton and Dissapointment Peak

Grand Teton

El Diente

San Luis, Redcloud, American, Jones, Niagara, Pt 13,803, Pt 13,832

Coal Mt. 11,705 ft, Big Sand Mt. 10,452 ft, Second Creek Ridge 10,180 ft

Trips - 2012

Vermillion Peak, Fuller Peak, Golden Horn

Courthouse Mountain

Mt. Garfield, Grand Junction

Trips - 2010

Mt. Colden Via the Trap Dike

Trips - 2009

A blast from the Past, May 16th 2010 (happened winter 2009)

Twin Sisters

Peaks U & V (East and West Partner), Traverse

Crestone Peak and Needle, Traverse

Peaks 1, 2-10, Tenmile Peak, Tenmile Traverse

Keyhole, Longs Peak

South Spur, Mt. Adams

Ski, Jasper Peak

Worm Flows/Swift Glacier, ski, Mt. Saint Helens

Trips - 2008

2nd Apron, Right Side, Mt. Evans

Warbonnet Ridge, Chiefs Head Peak

Stone Man Pass, McHenrys Peak

East Slopes, San Luis Peak

Culp Bossier, Hallets Peak

South West Slopes + Ridge Traverse (Kilpacker), Mt. Wilson

Skywalker (third time), South Arapaho Peak

Martha Couloir, Mt. Lady Washington

  Trips - 2007

Some Gully, The Citadel

Northeast Ridge, Pagoda Peak

Thatchtop, Powell, and Taylor Peaks

Kasparov Traverse, Shoshoni and Apache Peaks

South Slopes, Pawnee Peak

Northeast Slopes, Thatchtop

SE Ridge & East Ridge Traverse, Mt. Audubon & Pauite Peak

Eolus, North Eolus, Sunlight, and Windom, Chicago Basin

Bell Cord Couloir and Traverse, Maroon Bells

Notch Couloir, Longs Peak
Uncompahgre Peak & Handies Peak

Little Pawnee Peak, East Ridge

Skywalker Couloir, South Arapaho Peak

Mt. Neva, North Ridge

Notchtop, Spiral Route

Mt Columbia, West Slopes

East Ball Mountain

Quandary Peak, East Ridge

  Trips - 2006
Conundrum Couloir, Conundrum Peak

Northwest Ridge, Mt. Lindsey

West Ridge, Missouri Mountain

North East Ridge, The Sharkstooth

South Face, Petit Grepon

Great Dihedral, Hallett Peak

Keyhole Ridge, Longs Peak

North Ridge, Mt. Toll

Pisco Oeste, Peru (8 Page Report)

NE Ridge, Spearhead

Super Star Couloir, James Peak

From Vicksburg Trailhead, Mt Belford & Mt. Oxford

Dream Weaver, Mt. Meeker

Kit Carson Peak (Outward Bound Couloir) & Challenger Point

Skywalker Couloir And Traverse, North & South Arapaho Peaks

East Ridge, Mt Bancroft

Some Random Couloir, Pikes Peak

Dragon's Tail Variation, Flattop Mountain

Disclaimer: Hiking and climbing can be potentially dangerous activities. I take no responsibility for any injuries/deaths resulting in the use of information contained herein and do not guarantee the accuracy of the information. Research all routes on your own. If you choose to use information from one of these pages do so at your own risk and with full awareness of the hazards inherent in participating in any of the activities reported herein.