Middle Teton and Dissapointment Peak  Trip Report

 August 2013

(1) Middle Teton, Southwest Couloir, 3rd class, 14 miles,   6000 ft, August 10th 2013  (Jared & Jen)

(2) Dissapointment Peak, Southeast Ridge, 4th class 12 miles,   5000 ft, August 8th 2013  (Jared & Jen)

It's been awhile since I've last posted a trip report, a very long while.  I've been busy to say the least.  Jen and I left Boulder after I graduated and moved to Rochester New York for a year where we bought a house and I worked as a post-doctorate at the University of Rochester.  After a year I was lucky enough to land a position as a tenure track professor of Physics at Colorado Mesa University.  Given that this was a dream job (4 year physics program in Colorado) we sold our house, moved back to Colorado, then bought new house (our wallets are still bleeding).  The job is great but I work 50-70 hours a week during the year so updating this site has suffered.

I have been really busy and hadn't climbed much of lates so I've basically been updating my "Other Mountains" page but that is about it as far as this website goes.  I've taken up canyoneering and have been doing a lot of that as well as a lot of kayaking but only climbed 4 or so peaks over the summer of 2012.

This year I decided I'd get back to the mountains and have been hitting them hard.  I've done 5 10 and 11 thousand foot peaks in Colorado, 4 centennials, 3 14er repeats and finally climbed the Grand Teton via the Owen-Spalding route.  The Grand is easily my favorite mountain to date.  I climbed it in July with my friend Tim Hallinan.  We both hate backpacking so we climbed the Grand (or tried to) car to car.  On our first attempt we were shut down by snow and lightning at the "Belly Crawl" at 8:30 AM.  Both of us are pig headed so we went back to the car, slept, and tried again.  We were succesfull.  I think I need to climb the Grand Teton Many more times.

After the Grand I fell in love with the Tetons and needed to go back.  The original plan for this weekend was to go to the Grenadiers and climb a bunch of stuff there including Vestal Peak, Arrow Peak, and the Trinities.  Unfortunately the monsoon season was in full effect in Colorado so our plans had to change and we decided to go to the Tetons.

On day one Jen and I climbed Dissapointment Peak.  This is easily the easiest peak in the Tetons but still packs 12 miles, 4th class, and 5000 feet vertical into a day.  The Colorado peaks pale in comparison to the Tetons.  There is nothing like them and only a handful of Colorado peaks can compare to the easiest peaks in the Tetons.

After the first day I developed a nasty blister near to where I'd had some surgery done on my foot and I thought we were done.  I called my doctor and she told me to cut out the blister and any skin around it, not pop it but remove the whole thing.  I decided it was worth doing since we didn't want to cut our trip short so performed some self surgery and took day two off to recuperate. 

On day three it was apparent that I could not put my foot into a shoe so I bandaged my foot up as well as I could and figured I try climbing in sandals.  I was not too hopeful that it would work but it was worth a try.

As it turned out the makeshift surgery and sandals worked because we managed to climb the Middle Teton in 9 hours car to car.  I don't bother with beta or route descriptions because there is a ton of that stuff online already.  The hike and climb was easy technically but the views were outstanding.  Standing on the Middle Teton at 6000 feet above the valley floor was like looking down from an airplane.  I was extremely proud of how easily Jen dispatched the miles and vertical.  The whole area is so beautiful that words can't do it justice.

Jen and I plan on going back next year to climb the South Teeton, Teewinot, and Mt. Moran.  In the short term we are going to dayhike Capitol and the Gore Grand Traverse in September.  Its nice to be back to the mountains.

Movie from the summit

Jen With South Teton Behind Her

Jen Coming Up The SW Couloir

The Grand Teton

I Climbed This In Chacos

Me and The Grand Teton

Looking Back At South Teton

Icefloe Lake

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