Mt. Saint Helens

Worm Flows/Swift Glaciers, easy snow/ski, ~12 miles, ~5600 feet, With Brian Hynek, Jay, and Darleen

Brian and I flew out to Portland over the weekend of April 18th-20th, 2008.  The original plan was to do the Leuthold Rotue on Mt Hood and then ski down the standard route.  As luc would have it the avalanche conditions were to sketchy so we opted to hike then ski Mt. Saint Helens.  The peak itself was very easy, I imagine I could fast bag it in 5 hours car to car if that was a goal. The hike up was quite easy but slowed at times by hoardes of people, I've never seen that many people on a peak before, not even on easy Sawatch or Front Range 14ers in Colorado.  

The views were magnificent, Hood, Baker, Rainier, and Adams were visible all day long and the weather was perfect.  I attempted to ski down on a pair of 185 tele skis.  I quickly learned a few things: 1. I can't tele worth a damn. 2. I can't use 185s well. 3. I can't ski pacific northwest mush, especially stuff that sucks your skis in and you fall up to your chest in if you come out of your ski.

The ski down basically stunk, I should have brought my AT set up.  All in all though it was a beautiful peak and a new experience.  I've never hiked up a volcano before, et alone one that was still smoking.

Mt. Saint Helens

Starting Out

Lenticulars on Baker

Mt. Hood


Mt. Rainier

Smoking Crater

Me Starting Out OK

Good So Far

Me, Very Angry

Me, Enraged

Long's Peak and Mt Meeker

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