My Wife

This is a picture of my wife Jen.  Jen holds a degree in Environmental Science from LaSalle University and currently is working on cancer research at OSI pharmaceuticals.

I met my wife while studying for a Quantum Mechanics final at the Barnes and Nobles where she worked her senior year of college.  We began talking and it turned out we were both avid hikers who had independently dreamed of moving to Colorado.  We hit it off pretty early on but unfortunately Jen graduated and moved back to her house in Frackville, PA (about 100 miles from Philadelphia).  Jen invited me to her parents house soon after she moved home and I bungeed a change of clothes to my motorcycle (1200 Suzuki Bandit long since sold) and headed out for the weekend.  As luck would have it her parents took a liking to me (they are two of the nicest and most selfless people I have ever met) and I spent every weekend of that summer making the 200 mile round trip commute to Frackville.  I really enjoyed the rides as they went through beautifully wooded portions of Pennsylvania.  We got to like each other enough in such a short time that when I went back to school Jen found a job in the Philadelphia area and moved back.  

We moved in together right away and life pretty much progressed normally.  Jen worked and I finished up my physics degree and taught as adjunct faculty for my university.  We would visit Jen's parent's about once a month and considered it sort of like a vacation home (Jen's mom loved to feed me and that worked because I love to eat).  Here is a picture of Jen's house during Christmas and Jen with her Parents.


Jen and I were married on June 14th, 2003.  We were married in an informal but beautiful outdoor wedding (I managed to convince her a DJ was a bad idea and we had a cellist, flutist, and violinist instead).

We went to Maine and Florida for our honeymoon and did a lot of hiking and kayaking and barbecuing.

Shortly after the honeymoon we moved to Boulder, Colorado where we now live (and hike whenever possible).  I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else, I love you Jen.

The pictures below are from back when we were some serious cottoneers (a phrase to describe hikers and climbers who know nothing and are a great danger to themselves in the high country, once again, it is funny how far I have come from the person I was in this picture)