Random Links I Use

Author's Websites

Clive Barker

Stephen King

Charities (to which I contribute)

The Gabriel Foundation - A Parott Rescue

Rocky Mountain Raptor Center - A Wild Raptor Rescue

Colorado Wild Animal Sanctuary - A wild Animal (especially big feline) rescue

Greenwood - A Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, The Largest in Colorado

Parrots International- Helps Wild Macaws


NCAR  - National Center for Atmospheric Research

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Real Climate - Climate Science from Climate Scientists

Atmospheric Optics - Cool explanations and examples of phenomena from rainbows to halos


IDL  - Online Documentation

DFANNING - Great IDL Tips and Tricks

IDL Astronomy Library - Useful Programs for Astronomers

Web Design - Web Design, XHTM, CSS, PHP, Databases, and much more


Cook's Illustrated - The best reference (IMHO) for recipe's and techniques on the web

Dr. Who

Gallifrey One -  The Site For Dr. Who


UFC -  The Site For the UFC

Sherdog - Find all the statistics on your favorite fighters

MMA Weekly - More MMA news, events

Funny Sites

The Best Page in The Universe - Just some random guy's funny personal site

Some Thing Awful  -  Just Random Funny stuff

Fark - Funny news stories from around the world

Time Cube - Some Crazy Guy's ramblings, funny because it isn't a joke

Portal of Evil - Directory of Terrible Sites

Weebls-Stuff - Strange but funny site

The Onion - Get al lyour news here

Cracked - Guy oriented humor


IGN - Just about everything you could want, from computer to console games

GameFaqs - Tons of FAQs, never buy a guide again


Gun Laws - Know your local laws

Guns America - Buy and Sell Guns - (requires FFL for transaction, no person to person exchanges allowed)


A Wind of Change - The Hands Down Best Place to Buy Kites (power, stunt, and recreational)

Race Kites - Power Kiting Site, Reviews, and a friendly forum.


Bishop's Castle - Just a cool destination and a testament to hard work

Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike - Reviews, Trails, and Forums

Singletrack - Trail Information


IMDB - Internet Movie Database

Rotten Tomatoes - Best Source for Reviews

Bloody-Disgusting - Horror Movie Reviews

Upcoming Movies - News about future releases

The Video Station - Boulder's best video store, do not use any of the chains!!!


HB Woodsongs - A good place for stringed instruments, music, and accesories in Boulder


Dpreview - A great site for reviews, technical details, and forums

Luminous Landscape - Great tips for photography

Fred Miranda - Quality reviews by end users of cameras, lenses, flashes, etc.


Math World - A lot of Math

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics - A lot of Physics

Hyper Physics - Decent Information on Physics Concepts

Talk Origins - Creationism Vs Science

Physics World - Physics Articles

Math Pages - Fantastic Site, a lot of interesting, technical articles with very good explanations

Straight Dope - Dispelling General Myths

Snopes - Dispelling Internet Rumors


BH Photovideo - A Great, Trustworthy Retailer out of New York, always the cheapest non-scam online for electronics equipment

17th Street Photo - Another Great, Trustworthy Retailer out of New York, always the cheapest non-scam online for photo equipment

Reseller Ratings - Think that online deal is a scam?  Check here, it probably is.  1000's of online stores reviewed


Smallville Site - Just because I love Smallville


Side Step - Searches all the major search engines for flights, cruises, hotels.  Sort of an Expedia for Expedias