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As of April, 2010, I have officially completed my doctorate of Astrophysics at The University of Colorado, here is my dissertation. My advisor was Phil Armitage, aside from being a good researcher and a great advisor he also has a decent eye for photography.  Phil's Page. I spent one year as a post-doctorate scientist at the University of Rochester working with Eric Blackman and Chuang Ren. I am currently an assistant professor of physics at Colorado Mesa University and am still active in research. My current focus uses both magnetohydrodynamical (MHD) fluid simulations as well as analytical and semi-analytical moethods to studies various regimes dealing with high energy astrophysics.

If you are interested in reading about the effects of cooling fronts in gravitationally stratified media undergoing the magnetorotational-instability (MRI) then download my thesis or you can watch a movie showing the effects of a cooling front on the density profile of an MRI unstable patch of accretion disk.

My current and past research involves(d)

Movies - Bracket Gamma Evolution Temperature Evolution Surface Density Evolution Movie - Eletron-Positron Plasma streaming into a perpendicular magnetic field
Movies - Forced Turbulence (No MRI)         MRI Simulation
Movies - Unmagnetized Mach 20 Cloud & Black Hole   Bondi Accretion (no sink)    Bondi Accretion (sink)
Movie - Alfven Wave


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