Thatchtop, Powell, and Taylor Peaks -12,688 ft, 13,208 ft, and 13,153 ft

NE Slopes to NE Ridge with descent of Andrew Glacier, Class 4-5.4, ~ 11 miles, ~ 5000 ft

A fun solo, I don't remember what day I did it but it was a nice, sunny day in the high country towards the end of the summer of 2007.  The Thatchtop-Powell ridge was more exposed and difficult than I expected but still passed easily enough.  I found a bunch of gear along the traverse that had been used to either rappell or pitch out a section.  I spent the day listening to Pink Floyd and romping along the divide between Taylor and Powell.  On my way back to the car I came across a big old bull moose.  Car to car in 8 hours.

Andrew's Glacier

Powell's North East Ridge

Farther Along The Ridge

The Tricky Part Of The Ridge

Easier Than It Looks

The Cathedral Spires

Looking Back

Looking At The Back Side Of The Ridge From Powell Peak

Taylor Peak

Sharkstooth And The Petit Grepon

Now, Where Is The Summit of Taylor Peak?

Hiking Along The Divide

The Sharkstooth Again

The Top Of Andrew's Glacier

Looking Down Andrew's Glacier

At The Bottom Of Andrew's Glaciers

Heading Down To The Loch

My First Moose In Colorado

The Loch

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